Dampness caused by condensation occurs when the temperature inside the home is warmer than that outdoors; the air becomes unable to hold the moisture and tiny drops of water appear, usually a result of poor home insulation.


Damage caused by condensation dampness.


Mould Unhealthy air and bad odours  Excessive use of indoor heating  Air moisture  Respiratory diseases

Our solution

Our system consists of mould removal followed by interior thermal insulation to keep the temperature stable, regulate humidity levels and prevent the creation of mould and dampness, resulting in 50% savings on heating costs.



Rising damp is part of a natural process whereby water and mineral salts in the subsoil rise up through the foundations. As this humidity rises up from the soil (capillarity), it usually begins to appear on ground floors and basements.


Damage caused.


Saltpetre and mould on walls.

Paint and cladding peel off.

Higher consumption of heating to counteract humidity.

Electrical installation problems.

Our solution

Our system consists in building a horizontal barrier using our wet-on-wet technique that prevents ground moisture from rising.


Our solution

Our solution consists of creating an anti-humidity barrier from the inside to prevent exterior water filtration, without incurring in land excavation costs required for outer insulation.



Moisture by filtration is caused because water from the outside penetrates into the interior of the building appearing on walls or ceilings. This type of moisture affects especially basements, storage rooms, garages, parking lots, and semi-buried pots, and usually happens when there is poor waterproofing or not proper insulation.

Damage caused.


Damage to furniture Bad odours Yellow stains Peeling paint