Certified by the National German Institute of Building Materials- liquid waterproofing (ETA 05/0197)


ISO 527-3 Plastics- Determination of tensile properties standard


European Standard on binding materials UNE-EN 1542:1999


UNE-CEN/TS 1187:2013 Test methods for external fire exposure to roofs


UNE-ENV 12633:2003 Skid resistance certificate


UNE 53420:1989 Waterproofing membranes – Determination of roots piercing resistance

Our company specialises in the installation of a liquid waterproofing system. After our many years of experience in the building sector and our adaptation of the system to the temperatures of Mallorca we have managed to achieve an impeccable waterproofing solution that meets the utmost standards of quality: EC and CTE (Technical Building Code) certified, as well as the following standards:

Application on

Roofs, balconies and terraces, public roads, swimming pools.


Grey, red, brick.


• Easy to apply.

• Once applied it forms a seamless membrane that prevents seepage.

• Water and frost resistant, water vapour permeable. Crack bridging.

• Reflects sunlight, therefore increasing thermal insulation.

• The waterproofed area allows for pedestrian traffic.  

• Resistant to detergent, oil and common chemicals. 

If damaged, the membrane can be repair in seconds.  

Guaranteed for up to 25 years